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Increase Customer Acquisition and Loyalty with Giving

The Vitendi platform allows you to run giving campaigns that engage customers and prospects

Give to Causes People Care About.

Create a Deeper Connection.

Increase Engagement.

Are you giving to the charities your customers want you to support?

Most giving, while well-intentioned ends up going to causes that don’t matter to your customers, resulting in…

A lack of customer engagement

Prospects choosing competitive brands

Lost revenue and brand loyalty

Vitendi’s turnkey platform allows you to discover and support the causes your customers actually love.

When brands give philanthropically, it not only does good in the world. It also makes consumers feel good about the things they buy and ultimately creates profits.

Vitendi’s Platform is Simple and Easy to Use

Create a Campaign

Set up your campaign in a few steps:
  • Choose a cause to support.
  • Set a Donation Goal
  • Choose the Charities to be included

Share the News

Let people know about your campaign
  • Use tracking link to share through social media and email
  • Invite additional Vitendi users to participate based on interest
  • Build awareness with potential customers as the link is shared by participants

Monitor Progress

See real-time data on the campaign
  • Social Media Engagements
  • Charities Supported
  • Gift Cards Chosen
  • Goal Progress

Ready to Extend your Giving?

Vitendi’s 2018 #GivingTuesday Campaign had an 82% enegagement rate.

In a campaign run during Giving Tuesday in 2018, Vitendi engaged university students from several campuses, with 82% of those invited participating. When reengaged four months later in March 2019, 75% of students converted again. The Gen Z and Millennial generations represent a significant opportunity for engagement due to their interest in philanthropy and service. Socially conscious purchase decisions are a high priority for them and brands that emphasize charitable giving stand to benefit from promoting to these audiences.

With Vitendi it’s easy to align your giving with your customers’ passions.

Set a budget for your campaign


Discover the causes that matter to customers


Support these causes to grow your brand


Get your free guide and learn the six steps to making sure your giving has the maximum impact

Charitable giving campaigns can be a benefit to both charity and your business if you learn how to align giving with the things your customers care about.

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How to Increase Customer Acquisition and Brand Loyalty with Charitable Giving

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